Our economy: a very distinctive photoplay

I found this photo of a truck advertising the Rialto Theatre on Shorpy. What perked my interest was the juxtaposition of the truck in front of the US Treasury Building. Although the photo was taken in 1925, it's somehow applicable to our times. Doesn't it seem strangely non-coincidental that a photoplay/movie truck would find itself … Continue reading Our economy: a very distinctive photoplay

Using the economy as an excuse to shortchange employees

I've seen companies do some pretty disgusting things in my time, and the move some of them are pulling lately definitely ranks right up there with some of the biggest stinkers. In effect, they're using the current weak economy/recession as an excuse to lay off employees and burden the existing ones with the extra work, … Continue reading Using the economy as an excuse to shortchange employees

Good vs. bad globalization

As I traveled around Europe, I saw globalization in action, and made the following observations. Being able to drive through various countries without needing to go through customs checks at the borders was wonderful. Unencumbered travel is a great experience. The preservation of local or national cultures is of the utmost importance as people from … Continue reading Good vs. bad globalization

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-19

Cool Mods - Make your own indestructable USB thumb drive http://tinyurl.com/37p2qg # Armenia: The Epic Land http://tinyurl.com/2qyxxz # Melodyne studio pitch correction now able to break chords down for editing http://tinyurl.com/2qmd6a # Electrolux Inspiro intelligent oven - “auto-focus for chefs” http://tinyurl.com/33dbsl # Wally announces new 'floating island' gigayacht: the WallyIsland http://tinyurl.com/yw4afh # Hollywood Hopefuls: 1925 … Continue reading Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-19