A repair to my wife’s Mac Mini

My wife's computer is a unibody, late-2012 Mac Mini, model A1347 with Fusion Drive, which we've had since then, having ordered it to our specs directly from Apple. We're happy with it. It's a lovely little computer with more than enough oomph for my wife's needs (she is an author). The HDD on her Mac [...]

Is the M3 is more economical than the Prius?

Which car would you rather drive: the BMW M3 or the Toyota Prius? I'd take the M3. It'd be no competition for me. As it turns out, Top Gear tested these two cars around the track. The M3 got better mileage than the Prius while both cars traveled at the same speeds for 10 laps. [...]

Perpetuum Jazzile

My wife pointed me to a video on YouTube -- a performance of Toto's "Africa", by a Slovenian jazz choir called Perpetuum Jazzile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjbpwlqp5Qw "Africa" by Perpetuum Jazzile I hadn't heard of them before, and it's likely that you didn't either. You probably also didn't know they've been performing for 25 years. Originally founded in [...]

Hardware preview: DroboPro

➡ Updated 1/14/19: I have revised my opinion of Drobo devices. After experiencing multiple, serious data loss events on multiple Drobo models, even recent ones, I no longer consider them safe for my data. ➡ Updated 11/23/09: The new DroboElite is now available. It differs from the DroboPro because it offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports [...]

The Crystal Trio in Venice

The Crystal Trio are a Russian group from Siberia who play on special instruments made of glass: the verrophone, the glass harp, and the glass flute. The glass harp is the key instrument used in their performances, and it consists of a series of glasses arranged in rows; they vary in size and in the [...]

Our economy: a very distinctive photoplay

I found this photo of a truck advertising the Rialto Theatre on Shorpy. What perked my interest was the juxtaposition of the truck in front of the US Treasury Building. Although the photo was taken in 1925, it's somehow applicable to our times. Doesn't it seem strangely non-coincidental that a photoplay/movie truck would find itself [...]

Cigna increases premiums while CEO gets more pay

Our medical insurance policy is with Cigna. We're on the Open Access Plus plan. After I renewed my Cigna policy recently, I got our new insurance cards, and noticed that the premiums and copays increased as follows: PCP Visit ($20 vs $15) Specialist ($40 vs $30) Hospital ER ($100 vs $50) Urgent Care ($50 vs [...]

One more reason why Microsoft doesn't get it

At work, I use Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I tried to install Vista SP1 on my computer yesterday. I created a restore point, just in case something went badly, and started the install. Here's the error message that I got: Apparently, Vista SP1 cannot install on my machine, because I've got too many language packs [...]