Is the M3 is more economical than the Prius?

Which car would you rather drive: the BMW M3 or the Toyota Prius? I'd take the M3. It'd be no competition for me. As it turns out, Top Gear tested these two cars around the track. The M3 got better mileage than the Prius while both cars traveled at the same speeds for 10 laps. [...]

Premium gasoline dips below $3 per gallon

As I filled up my MINI a couple of days ago, I glanced at the pump and noticed the price of the premium gasoline: $2.77 per gallon. I couldn't believe it. I left the pump running and ran toward the street sign to take a photo. I just didn't think I'd ever see premium gas [...]

I bought gas for $4.45 a gallon tonight

That's the going price for premium gasoline (93 octane) in these parts (Bethesda, MD). Back when I advocated the use of a heavy gasoline tax three years ago, I had $4-5 per gallon in mind, but I envisioned about $2 of that to be the actual tax itself. What we've got now is a puny [...]

My take on the fading car culture

As I read through my feeds, I noticed a headline about the fading car culture. It seems a Nissan executive has noticed how interest in cars is waning due to congestion costs, interest in public transportation, and a desire to spend money elsewhere, like gadgets. I also noticed something disingenuous in that article. It was [...]

From gas guzzler to green extreme

Professor Andrew Frank from the University of California at Davis developed a hybrid SUV that can get about 100 miles per gallon - or so the article says. It does this because it's a plug-in hybrid. It recharges its batteries from an outlet at night. This is indeed really cool, but what I'd like to [...]

A personal plane that flies and drives

Just caught this article on Discovery News. I've seen concepts like this before, but they usually looked just plain awful. This one actually looks cool, and I hope very much that it makes it to market. The fuel economy would be better than my MINI's, and that's impressive! There are two photos available. The first [...]

Gravitational propulsion-levitation vehicle

I've had this idea for quite some time - since sometime in 1997 - and I've carried it around in my mind, not knowing how to bring it to fruition, and certainly not knowing if I wanted to share it with anyone. I've decided to share this idea with the world because I don't have [...]

Offset electricity costs through wind turbines

I live in a high-rise condo building, and during one of our building's board meetings, the discussion arrived at the topic of reducing electricity costs. Immediately I thought about the possibility of placing wind-driven turbines on the top of our building. There is always a good breeze up there, and the electricity produced by the [...]