I love Morgan Cars

Did I ever profess my love for Morgan Cars publicly? It's time I did. I love them! For years, I decried the ugly design of modern cars and I wondered where old design went. I looked at cars made in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s and wondered when cars were going to get beautiful again. [...]

A folding, fully electric city car

Hiriko is the name of this new foldable ultra-compact car, which is great for cramped city driving (and parking). It can turn sideways and fold upwards, reducing its wheelbase and allowing it to squeeze into spots where normal cars just can't go. And it's also 100% electric. From the videos (posted below) I can see [...]

Are roadside trees a safety concern?

In Romania, many roadways are lined with trees. It could be walnut trees, or poplar trees, or fruit trees of some sort -- the point is, they decorate each side of the road, standing guard, so to speak. I happen to think they enhance the beauty of the road, but I've heard talk of people [...]

Another point of view about ferryboats

Nowadays, people think a ferry is a romantic way to get over a river, but in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, people used to think otherwise. For a great look back in time, watch "Bridge Ahoy", a Popeye cartoon released on May 1, 1936. In it, Bluto overcharges passengers for rides on his ferry, [...]

I bought gas for $4.45 a gallon tonight

That's the going price for premium gasoline (93 octane) in these parts (Bethesda, MD). Back when I advocated the use of a heavy gasoline tax three years ago, I had $4-5 per gallon in mind, but I envisioned about $2 of that to be the actual tax itself. What we've got now is a puny [...]

Women applaud no-men, pink-striped metro cars

In Brazil, women have finally gotten their wish: pink-striped, women-only metro cars. Apparently, there's a lot of groping and feeling going on in Brazil (shame on you, fellow men!) and it's so bad they lobbied for women-only cars. Now they've got them. The article mentions how women themselves will police the cars, to make sure [...]

On demand airflight to arrive by at least end of year

A company called DayJet will start taking orders from customers later this year for "on demand flying". They have these light, 4-passenger airplanes called the Eclipse 500, and will let passengers book them for flights between cities that don't normally offer commercial flights. CNET has the details in this article. I'm curious to find out [...]

Caparo T1 at Monaco

From Gizmag: "April 22, 2006 We've already previewed the lightweight (less than 500kg), roadgoing Caparo T1, which a uses a compact 500bhp V8 engine to deliver a dramatic 1,000bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio -- nearly double that of the Bugatti Veyron. Well the Caparo had its coming out at the prestigious Top Marques show in Monaco yesterday [...]