How different dogs attack

This video from the National Geographic shows different breeds of modern dogs and how they attack their prey. Heavier dogs use their own body weight to bring you down, and lighter dogs build up momentum by running and jumping at you. The video also talks about bite strength and how head size affects it. Takeaway [...]

Are roadside trees a safety concern?

In Romania, many roadways are lined with trees. It could be walnut trees, or poplar trees, or fruit trees of some sort -- the point is, they decorate each side of the road, standing guard, so to speak. I happen to think they enhance the beauty of the road, but I've heard talk of people [...]

A rule of thumb to help you avoid accidents

So many traffic accidents happen when we don't keep our proper distance from the cars in front of us. Here's a simple equation to help you do just that: Distance (in car lengths) = (Speed/10) - 1 Let me explain it. Say you're going along at 20 mph -- the distance between your car and [...]

Accident on I-495

Ligia and I were taking a leisurely walk on Beach Drive last night (Friday), when we were confronted with the overpowering smell of spilled fuel. On our way there, we'd seen a fire engine, but we didn't think twice about it. This time, I thought I'd inquire, camera in hand. After walking through 100 yards [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-10

Like chicken soup, but full of plump bits of juicy data: The Cellar is running a few shots of a nasty deer accident in IotD. Kinda graphic, but thankfully the driver was okay. Watch for those deer, folks! Drive slower when you're in wooded areas. You never know when one of them will jump out [...]

Amazing survivor of parachute malfunction

A parachutist from New Zealand by the name of Michael Holmes somehow survived a major parachute malfunction from several thousand feet with only a broken ankle, a collapsed lung, and a broken nose. And on top of it all, he wanted to keep jumping afterwards... Talk about not learning your lesson. The first part is [...]

SUVs: a guilty pleasure

I own a MINI. I am against gas-guzzlers of any size, shape or form. Yet I enjoyed driving a SUV recently. Here's why. I had brought my MINI Cooper S into the dealership for service. There were a few things I wanted them to look at, things that were troubling me. Because I'm fairly obsessive-compulsive, [...]