Fun with everyday objects

Continuing along the same lines as my previous post, you can have lots of photographic fun with everyday objects you'll find in your kitchen or your living room. You just have to slightly re-imagine them in a different light or a different angle. Here are a few photos that do just that.   A simple [...]

New, lower pricing on web use photo licenses

I've decided to try something different, and lowered the prices for the web-use photo licenses (the 1 megapixel sizes) to $3 for personal uses and $5 for commercial uses. These sizes are great for article illustrations, or for header images for your websites, or even for desktop wallpapers. A typical 1 megapixel image is a [...]

So long, Contenture

According to their website and blog, Contenture is going out of business. That's unfortunate. I signed up with them back in June of 2008, endorsed their services here on my site, and while I didn't make a lot of money with them, I knew the idea of micropayments for web content was something that would [...]

Using Contenture to handle micropayments

Back in April, I wrote about micropayments, and why I thought they were an equitable way to reward web publishers for their time and effort. I shared my thoughts on ad revenues, which, for most people, are minimal and not enough to live on, unless you are one of the relatively few websites that gets [...]

Use a Nokia N95 as a Bluetooth modem on a Mac

One of the reasons I bought a Nokia N95 was the ability to tether it as a Bluetooth modem on my MacBook Pro. I wanted to access the internet via my mobile phone if I'm away from home or from a WiFi spot. While Nokia's PC Suite of applications includes an option to tether the [...]

A rule of thumb to help you avoid accidents

So many traffic accidents happen when we don't keep our proper distance from the cars in front of us. Here's a simple equation to help you do just that: Distance (in car lengths) = (Speed/10) - 1 Let me explain it. Say you're going along at 20 mph -- the distance between your car and [...]

A bit about Wide Color Range and Lightroom

Those of you who follow my blog know I love color. I always look for ways to increase the intensity and range of the colors in my photos. I like to call it WCR (Wide Color Range). Who knows what it's really called... Since I'm self-taught, that's what I call it. I wrote recently about [...]

My own sort of HDR

I've been intrigued by HDR (High Dynamic Range) post-processing for some time. At its best, it renders incredible images. At its worst, average, and even good, it renders completely unrealistic, overprocessed, unwatchable crud. Even some of the best images made with HDR methods seem weird. They're not right -- somehow too strange for my eyes. [...]

Another EepyBird Diet Coke + Mentos Video (Experiment #214)

This one's called "The Domino Effect", because it uses inter-connected Coke bottles that start each other, in series: And, for good measure, here's their original video, which I'm sure you've already seen: Their videos are by far the best Diet Coke + Mentos experiments. Not only are their videos coreographed and set to [...]