Mobile phones as desktop and laptop replacements It's high time we were able to come home and place our mobile phones in a dock that's connected to a display, keyboard and mouse, and have it turn into a full-fledged desktop and laptop replacement. Mobile phones have sufficient computing power for most of our needs, they have the apps most of us use on desktops … Continue reading Mobile phones as desktop and laptop replacements

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-07

16 Bit Versus 8 Bit Mode # Is Silverlight 2 catching up with Flash? # BlueArc's Titan is Flexing Petabytes # About a company that really knows how to leave a mess # California court threatens homeschoolers # Ziff Davis Media Files For Bankruptcy Protection # Where a Dollar … Continue reading Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-07


Meta work can be a lot of fun, and also a little different. I took a recent photo of mine (from January), set it as my desktop background, positioned my mouse, then focused in for a macro shot. I really like how the honeycomb texture of my laptop's LCD monitor came out. The juxtaposition of … Continue reading Click