Boot Camp 1.1 Beta just released by Apple

I complained in a previous post about how I wanted to buy a Mac laptop that I'd use for both work on pleasure, but couldn't, because I was shackled to Windows OS for most of my development work, and there were certain things that just didn't work on the Mac, with either Boot Camp or [...]

To buy or not to buy an Apple

➡ Updated 3/7/08: My opinion has changed quite a bit since I wrote this post. I am now going to get a 15" MacBook Pro after working on a Windows laptop for the past two years. Feel free to read this further though, because it shows how far things have come since then. I've been [...]

A few up and coming gadgets

Time has a great slideshow of up and coming gadgets. A few that I really like are a new cellphone from Samsung that's thinner and lighter than the Razr, the Sanyo Xacti HD camcorder, the swivable laptop display from Intel, and the "sideshow" display that allows you to check email and play music without opening [...]

Video: How to turn your MacBook into a SmackBook

CNET has a great video that shows you how to turn your MacBook into a Smackbook. To do it, you enable dual desktop environments on your MacBook, then switch between them by gently smacking the laptop, thus triggering the hard drive's motion sensor. It's a great hack that's sure to be liked by coders!

Hardware review: Apple MacBook

I visited the Apple Store over the weekend and took a look at the new MacBook (the iBook replacement). Apple's outsourced the production of this laptop to Asus, but it's definitely still an Apple. It was supposed to arrive in June, so it's ahead of schedule. The overall impression is that it's a very nice [...]

Laptop alarm prevents Mac jackings

This fellow from developed a piece of software called iAlertU, which is a very clever use of the hard drive motion sensors built into late model PowerBooks and MacBooks. iAlertU will sound a screeching alarm if the laptop is picked up. Click the video to see it in action. The remote is used to [...]

Possible problems with the MacBook Pro?

Apparently there are problems with the new MacBook Pro, such as overheating, loud cooling fans and whining sounds from the CPU/circuits. It doesn't happen in all of them, and people are pretty happy with the machines that are working fine. But this is something to watch out for, in particular if you are thinking of [...]