So long, Contenture

According to their website and blog, Contenture is going out of business. That’s unfortunate. I signed up with them back in June of 2008, endorsed their services here on my site, and while I didn’t make a lot of money with them, I knew the idea of micropayments for web content was something that would eventually catch on, if only given enough time to take root. It’s sad to see them go, and I’m sorry they couldn’t hang on until they saw some profits.

I only know of one other company that offers similar monetization services, and it’s called CancelAds. Here’s hoping they stay in business, and the idea of micropayments/subscriptions for web content continues to gain momentum.


One thought on “So long, Contenture

  1. Raoul, I also think it is pretty unfortunate that Contenture had to go out of business so early as I also think that the idea of micropayments for content needs time to really gain traction – and CancelAds is definitely staying on the market to make sure that the tools are available for people who share our understanding of additional monetization approaches. I will hope to see CancelAds banner implemented on your site as well in the future.


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