The dawn

It's not often I wake up early enough to see the dawn. I usually work late into the night, because I find that's when I can gather my thoughts and be at my most productive -- when I'm alone, the noises of the day have subsided and the only sounds I hear are the reassuring … Continue reading The dawn

Fun with shadows

You can get wonderful photographs by playing with shadows. They're used to great effect in portraiture (which is a subject for another post) and you can use them to the same effect when photographing objects or shapes, in effect sculpting the image with light. Here are a few examples.

Swept away

I'm a sucker for light breezes blowing through any sort of swaying plants. They make for very interesting compositions. They're a bit challenging to capture because the subject keeps moving, but if you get it right, the result is really nice. Taken at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.


I really like this photo of mine. It's so grainy you might think I took it with a cheap digicam, but I didn't. I used my Exakta EXA Ia SLR, and I think I had 100 ISO film inside. Yet it is this excessive grain that I like here. It lends a wonderful atmosphere to … Continue reading Resolute

Life, reflected

Water is like a camera, really. It reflects life -- not exactly as life really is, but a close simile. Most often, the camera doesn't capture the moment entirely, but sometimes, it manages to do a pretty good job.