The dawn

It's not often I wake up early enough to see the dawn. I usually work late into the night, because I find that's when I can gather my thoughts and be at my most productive -- when I'm alone, the noises of the day have subsided and the only sounds I hear are the reassuring [...]

Fun with shadows

You can get wonderful photographs by playing with shadows. They're used to great effect in portraiture (which is a subject for another post) and you can use them to the same effect when photographing objects or shapes, in effect sculpting the image with light. Here are a few examples.

Fun with everyday objects

Continuing along the same lines as my previous post, you can have lots of photographic fun with everyday objects you'll find in your kitchen or your living room. You just have to slightly re-imagine them in a different light or a different angle. Here are a few photos that do just that.   A simple [...]

Watching the skies

I count myself blessed for living where I live. Our community is a beautiful place, and even though it's in the middle of a city, surrounded by major roads, great care has been taken in its planning and maintenance over the years. It feels more like a park than a residential community, and the fact [...]

Swept away

I'm a sucker for light breezes blowing through any sort of swaying plants. They make for very interesting compositions. They're a bit challenging to capture because the subject keeps moving, but if you get it right, the result is really nice. Taken at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

The promise of something better

The wonderful thing about using a fast lens is that you can get photos like this in low light. Sure, the depth of field may be thin because the aperture is maxed out, but it's very liberating to be able to walk around and take handheld photos without having to do long exposures on a [...]


I really like this photo of mine. It's so grainy you might think I took it with a cheap digicam, but I didn't. I used my Exakta EXA Ia SLR, and I think I had 100 ISO film inside. Yet it is this excessive grain that I like here. It lends a wonderful atmosphere to [...]

Patterns in everyday objects

I really like to find patterns and shapes in everyday objects. Whenever I get a few free moments, I look around me to see what I can spot. It's fun, and it's oddly relaxing. There I am, frowning, concentrating, making sure I get the right lighting, angle, exposure and focus (or lack of, depending on [...]

Life, reflected

Water is like a camera, really. It reflects life -- not exactly as life really is, but a close simile. Most often, the camera doesn't capture the moment entirely, but sometimes, it manages to do a pretty good job.