The day our MINI froze over

One winter day, as I finished work late in the evening, about eight o'clock, I went out to the parking lot and saw my MINI looking this: I hadn't expected that. It had rained earlier in the day, particularly during lunch and it had continued to drizzle through the afternoon. The evening had brought a [...]

In the MINI

One stable element in our life through the past decade has been our 2003 MINI Cooper S. I placed the order for it in the closing months of 2002 and got it in March of 2003, exactly as I wanted it. Although our life has undergone major changes in those years, and even though the [...]

The C&O Canal in winter

I still remember fondly one occasion back in 2005 when, after copious snowfall, we took our MINI out for a drive with our new Michelin winter tires. We lived in the DC area at the time, and those of you who live there know we only get about one serious snowfall every year, usually toward the [...]

Premium gasoline dips below $3 per gallon

As I filled up my MINI a couple of days ago, I glanced at the pump and noticed the price of the premium gasoline: $2.77 per gallon. I couldn't believe it. I left the pump running and ran toward the street sign to take a photo. I just didn't think I'd ever see premium gas [...]

A clever bit of marketing

I was driving to work a couple of days ago, and as a MINI passed me from the opposite direction, the owner stuck his hand out the window, making the victory sign at me. I smiled, and responded by raising my hand. This sort of thing has happened countless times since I bought my MINI. [...]

The Virginia countryside

I posted a video Ligia and I took more than 2 years ago to YouTube. We shot it as we drove through the Virginia countryside, from our MINI. It's unusual because in it, you'll not only see what you normally expect to see in the country, such as roads, fields and towns, but you'll also [...]

The 2007 MINI has just been unleashed

Holy mackerel! BMW's just released photos and updated specs for the 2007 MINI Cooper. As I write this, the MINI website hasn't been updated with photos or specs. You can't build a 2007 MINI yet, although that'll soon change. Call me crazy, but I think the exterior of my 2003 MINI Cooper S looks much [...]