Perpetuum Jazzile

My wife pointed me to a video on YouTube — a performance of Toto’s “Africa”, by a Slovenian jazz choir called Perpetuum Jazzile.

“Africa” by Perpetuum Jazzile

I hadn’t heard of them before, and it’s likely that you didn’t either. You probably also didn’t know they’ve been performing for 25 years. Originally founded in 1983 by Marko Tiran, they are now headed by artistic director Tomaž Kozlevčar (I have no idea how to pronounce that name), and they perform jazz and pop selections, mostly a capella.

So far, the group has released three CDs: When You Come to Bled (2000), Forget You’re In A Hurry (2003), and Strange Night (2006). This year, they’re working on a new album, due to be released in the autumn. Unfortunately their music isn’t on iTunes or Amazon yet (don’t know why), so you have to use their website to buy a CD.

The video blew me away. It’s so nicely done, and the way they simulate the falling rain with their hands is so cool. It made me want to find out more about them, and to listen to more of their music. I’ll leave you with more videos and photos from their performances.

“Mas Que Nada” by Perpetuum Jazzile

“Strange Night” by Perpetuum Jazzile

“As” by Perpetuum Jazzile

There’s more info on their English-version website, and they even have a free MP3 available for download. Their CDs are available through their online shop. According to their posted concert schedule, they’re giving a couple of public performances this September in Slovenia. Definitely worth checking out.


9 thoughts on “Perpetuum Jazzile

  1. Dave says:

    Without a doubt, most impressive….what an awesome choir!!!
    I am speechless…I listen to them over and over again
    I have to buy a cd, so I can listen to it on the Bose surround sound..



  2. ana - for PJ tweety ;) says:

    HI, Raoul!
    I’m amazed (as Vanja) that you look for so many informations about us. Even the journalists in Slovenia don’t try as musch as you did – thank you for that. 🙂

    All the best, ana (1st soprano)


  3. Thanks!

    As a colleague (web developer and amateur photographer) I am really happy we “met” 😀

    Your photos are really amazing and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

    Maybe we’ll meet on one of our concerts!


  4. Wow Raoul, thanks for spreading the word! We really enjoy singing and we are always pushing ourselves to the limit to give the audience (and ourselves :D) the best we can! Your interest proves it’s worth the time and effort we put into it!

    We would love to have our music on Amazon/iTunes/your-favorite-distributor, but there are problems with distribution that we cannot bypass at the moment. But we are working on it – we’ll make sure that the “Africa” album, due in September 09, is available everywhere!!

    @Jacques: People are virtually “demanding” a US/Canada tour, so I hope you’ll get your wish fulfilled!

    Thank you for a great article! Your attention to detail (given that you never heard of us) is praiseworthy! Your blog is being bookmarked at the moment 🙂

    1st tenor & resident geek
    Perpetuum Jazzile


    • Very pleased to hear from you, Vanja! You guys are doing great work and you deserve wider exposure. Will watch for your new album on Amazon and iTunes. All the best going forward!


  5. This is the best choir I have ever heard.Living in Canada will make it very difficult to hear this excellent choir live, brought tears in my old eyes


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