The Internet is not a truck

You may or may not have heard about the serious gaffe on the part of Senator Ted Stevens (R), who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. He voted against the Net Neutrality Act, and gave a speech on the Senate floor to explain his actions. He may have been better [...]

David Blaine, the human fishbowl

Just found out about this, and I gotta wonder, what's wrong with this fellow? He's clearly obsessed with what he's doing, but to a sane person, the stuff he gets into is odd at best. Now he's in an eight-foot acrylic sphere at New York's Lincoln Center, and he wants to stay fully submerged in [...]

Woman, 82, gets ticket for slow crossing

In LA, an old woman got a $118 ticket for crossing the street too slowly. She was cited for being an obstruction to traffic. Reporters observed that crossing and said even high school students had to run across the street in order to make it to the other side in time. Hey, let's give a [...]