George Bush is a dead ringer for Guinn Williams

I was watching Rafter Romance a few months ago, when I saw Fritzie, the cab driver with a supporting role in the movie, and my mouth dropped. There, on the screen, in front of my eyes, was GW, in 1933! It was almost the same man -- the resemblance was uncanny. There it was: an incredibly [...]

Finding myself more and more

Imagine this: you're born with a desire to relate to others, to spend time talking and laughing with good friends who respect you and want to relate to you. But as you grow up, you find your confidence betrayed by false friends, derided by immature ones, or worse, you find yourself fending off unwanted advances [...]

What should your superpower be?

Blogthings is running a quiz on this, and I went through it. The questions were a bit loaded, and I wasn't sure about a couple of the answers, but even after I went back and changed them, I still got the same result. That short fuse of mine shows through again... For the record, I [...]

The music of Franz von Suppé

By coincidence, I heard two pieces written by Franz von Suppé within the last 24 hours, and realized he's always been one of my favorite composers, although I never knew his name. If you've watched cartoons, then you've definitely heard his Light Cavalry Overture, and chances are you've also heard his Jolly Robbers Overture. They're [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-14

Today's calorie-free serving: Clive Thompson from the NYT has a detailed write-up of what's involved if small bands want to get their name out there these days. The almost-requisite MySpace page is a given... But while the web makes it easy for them to get their names out there, keeping up with the fans becomes [...]

Saying goodbye to fall

Autumn is always a bitter-sweet season for me. I still remember it as the time school starts. When I was a child, I dreaded September, because I knew school was coming. Those feelings lingered through college, and they tinge my thoughts even now. Autumn also meant harvest with all its bounty: apples, grapes, corn, potatoes, [...]

Mister Ed and Me, by Alan Young with Bill Burt

(1994, St. Martin’s Press, New York) The TV show “Mister Ed” is my perennial favorite. My wife and I love it, and we watch it regularly. I was thrilled to discover that Mr. Young had written a book about the history of the show - and also included a short autobiography. The book proved to [...]

The Tartan Pimpernel, by Donald Caskie

Reverend Caskie was an amazingly brave Scottish minister who helped Allied soldiers escape from Nazi-occupied France during WWII. He wrote about those incredibly dangerous and trying years of his life in this wonderful little book. The camaraderie that developed between those working for the common cause of defeating the Nazis is heartwarming, and shows how [...]

Rhapsody in Blue (1945)

Just saw "Rhapsody in Blue" (1945) tonight, and what a great movie! It's a movie biography of George Gershwin. Some of the plot was fictional, but that's okay. The talent in the movie more than made up for that. What's amazing to me is that the people who knew him and were his friends while [...]