Migratory state of being

Every single day, I go around with a little pain in my heart. It's the sort of pain that only certain people can understand. These people are called immigrants. Sometime this month, a familiar date will pass, and I'll know that I've been in the States for 17 years. I've been a naturalized citizen for [...]

Wondering why I write less these days?

I came to the realization that too much work around the clock is not a sustainable lifestyle. When you hold down a full-time job, write on two websites, have a consulting practice and you're also a photographer, there's little time to decompress. And I'm determined to carve out more time for relaxation. I have to. [...]


This is a bit after Thanksgiving, but it's pertinent. It was just last summer (in 2006) that I got frustrated with my photography, and decreed that I must improve. Even though I'd been taking photos since 1994, and I had a feel for what looked good, I had no idea what I was doing with [...]

Finding myself more and more

Imagine this: you're born with a desire to relate to others, to spend time talking and laughing with good friends who respect you and want to relate to you. But as you grow up, you find your confidence betrayed by false friends, derided by immature ones, or worse, you find yourself fending off unwanted advances [...]

What should your superpower be?

Blogthings is running a quiz on this, and I went through it. The questions were a bit loaded, and I wasn't sure about a couple of the answers, but even after I went back and changed them, I still got the same result. That short fuse of mine shows through again... For the record, I [...]

The Simpsons me

I read a post over at Dawn Armfield's blog today that resonated with me. It's about one's online identity, and whether you're comfortable enough to be yourself even when you can be someone else. If you read my blog regularly, I think you pretty much know where I stand on that. I write in first [...]

Happy (belated) Birthday to ComeAcross!

After getting home this evening, I remembered (and it wasn't the first time) that I've neglected to write about my blog's first birthday. It is, after all, a momentous occasion, and needless to say, one I won't encounter for some time again... 🙂 If you haven't already, have a quick look at the About page. [...]