This is a bit after Thanksgiving, but it's pertinent. It was just last summer (in 2006) that I got frustrated with my photography, and decreed that I must improve. Even though I'd been taking photos since 1994, and I had a feel for what looked good, I had no idea what I was doing with … Continue reading Thankful

Swept away

I'm a sucker for light breezes blowing through any sort of swaying plants. They make for very interesting compositions. They're a bit challenging to capture because the subject keeps moving, but if you get it right, the result is really nice. Taken at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

Offset electricity costs through wind turbines

I live in a high-rise condo building, and during one of our building's board meetings, the discussion arrived at the topic of reducing electricity costs. Immediately I thought about the possibility of placing wind-driven turbines on the top of our building. There is always a good breeze up there, and the electricity produced by the … Continue reading Offset electricity costs through wind turbines