A night in Frankfurt

Back in September of 2008, we were stranded in Frankfurt because of negligence on the part of United Airlines, who did not properly coordinate the transfer of passengers from a connecting Lufthansa flight. The whole ordeal is a nasty mess I'd rather forget. One bright spot in that whole filthy experience is that we got [...]

Helping the giant salamander breed

In their effort to control flooding, the Japanese have dammed up their rivers. But that move shut out giant salamanders from their natural breeding places and have made it impossible for them to get upstream. Scientists in Japan have worked out a way to allow their legendary giant salamander to get around dams, through elaborate [...]

The C&O Canal

I suppose I should call this "Trip to the C&O Canal - Part Three", since it's the third time I write about the C&O Canal (Chesapeake and Ohio Canal) on my site. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. But it's certainly not our third trip, because we've been there numerous times, during various times [...]

January snowfall

We had a snowstorm this past Thursday in the Washington, DC area. It started snowing around noon, and it continued to snow until about 4 pm. The snowflakes were big and fluffy, and they were coming down in thick waves. In the end, we have about 3 inches of accumulation, which started to melt overnight. [...]

A place out of the ordinary

Ligia and I made a trip to a place out of the ordinary this past Saturday. Not many people have been there, that I can guarantee you. It's pretty close to civilization, and you can get there by foot. What was it? The middle of the Potomac River, near Glen Echo, MD. Our area's experiencing [...]

Passing through Cheile Bicazului

This is Part 1 of a two-part post on Cheile Bicazului. You can read Part Two here. During our recent trip to Romania, we passed through Cheile Bicazului, a stunning, narrow pass carved through the Carpathian mountains. We started out on the Transylvania side, where the weather was beautiful and sunny, though we could see [...]

Night falls gently on the old river

This was taken from the roof of the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA. I'd just finished a meeting and asked a favor from John, the hospitality manager: could he please let me go up for a few minutes to take photos? He kindly agreed, and he, along with a security guard, escorted me [...]

White's Ferry and Edwards Ferry (part 2)

On 10/2, I wrote about our trip to these two sites along the C&O Canal here in Maryland. I couldn't post the videos at that time. With the aid of YouTube, here they are, in chronological order, for your enjoyment. I filmed this as the ferry pulled up to the Maryland side of the Potomac, [...]

A trip to the C&O Canal Park (part 2)

On 10/8, I wrote about our trip to the C&O Canal Park here on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, and I posted the photos we took there. I forgot to post the video we made as well. The quality isn't fantastic, I used our digital camera, not a camcorder, but it'll give you [...]