Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-26


Getting closer to a credit-card sized mobile phone

Two recent developments make me happy, because my idea about a truly portable cellphone is about to come to fruition. The first is the development of the Motorola F3 cellphone, which was built to be cheap and thin, have a long-lasting battery, and use E-ink for its display. Now, Samsung has just come up with the thinnest LCD display in the world: it’s 0.82mm thick! That’s amazing! So between E-ink, OLED and thin LCD displays, we’ll find the best option to use for a thin cellphone display. The steps taken by Motorola with the F3/Motofone also prove that manufacturers can design thinner phones. Strip batteries or other sorts of innovative batteries are also coming to market soon, and are improving by the day. Who knows, perhaps someone will even find a way to recharge a cellphone battery from the static electricity and heat that our body generates.

All of this means that pretty soon, a cellphone the size of a credit card and only slightly thicker will be a reality. I look forward to that day! I’ll be able to slip it in my wallet, in my pant pocket or even my shirt pocket, and there will be no annoying bulge to bother me. Beautiful!


Motorola's new, cheap cellphone

Motorola's new MotofoneMotorola’s just come up with a very nice and thin cellphone that’s just that: a cellphone. It’s called the Motofone, and has no other features — no music player, no digital camera, no fancy gadgets, games, etc. It’s just a cellphone, and it looks really cool!

It’s getting billed as the “dumb phone” by folks in the media, but I think it’s a really smart choice on the part of Motorola. I for one have been asking for just such a device for over a year. They’re targeting this phone for developing countries, but I say bring it to the States, too! I’ve been waiting for it for some time, get it over here! And make it even smaller and “dumber” if possible. I’m sick of bulky devices. I just want a phone, credit-card thin if possible. That would make me very happy!