Bran Castle up for sale

The UK Telegraph reports that Bran Castle, the temporary residence of Vlad Tepes (aka Vlad the Impaler and Dracula) is up for sale. Its current owner, a descendant of the von Hapsburg family, lives in the US and isn’t interested in keeping it. I remember visiting the castle in 1991, before I came to the States. It was still winter up there, and all of the rooms were freezing cold. Although the castle looks imposing from afar, the interior courtyard is smaller than you might imagine. That’s because the rooms and halls are built right into the walls, which are also very thick.

It’s all beautiful, very beautiful. The location is wonderful, and the building, although old and in need of restoration, is beautiful as well. The place has a melancholy feel about it that puts you in the mood to read old novels. I’d love to photograph it. Maybe I’ll get the chance to visit it once more sometime, and I’ll have a good camera with me. About 500-750 shots of the place would make me very happy.

Apparently the castle draws in about 450,000 visitors a year, so any potential owner would make back (in time) the hefty asking price of $78 million. But still, as a native Romanian, I have mixed feelings about seeing a piece of our history up for sale to anyone. [Found out about this via Neatorama]