Beauty redefined?

I received an email from JPG Magazine yesterday, where I’m a registered user. Apparently they’re putting photos together for a new theme, called Beauty Redefined. Quoting from their email:

“Every generation redefines what is beautiful, but ours has taken it to a whole new level. This theme invites you to throw out traditional notions of beauty and start over from scratch, redefining beauty for yourself. This theme is sponsored by SuicideGirls. SuicideGirls mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture sites with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to sexuality.”

Call me conservative, call me traditional, call me what you will, but I didn’t know immoral women posting naked photos of themselves on the internet is the new beauty standard. I thought that was called porn. But hey, what do I know, I’m only 30 years old and I’m happily married, right? I’m not “with the times”, whatever that means. This message from JPG Magazine really rubbed me the wrong way. Whether these girls realize it or not, when they post their provocative photos on the internet, they open themselves to all sorts of unwelcome treatment. Not only do they lose any sort of expectation of privacy, (since everyone’s seen just about everything they’ve got, and will automatically picture them naked when they see them,) but they attract ridicule and name-calling as well. Be honest, what would your parents or elders call a girl like that? I’ve heard words like slut and hussy before, and I doubt I’m alone in this. If you weren’t drooling over the photos and were in a healthy, committed relationship, what would you call them? I think the term misguided applies very well. Instead of baring their bodies to their lovers, in privacy, they bare them for every moron that’s out there.

Generally speaking, it’s bothersome to me that all kinds of subversive ideas like this are getting pushed around these days. Whatever happened to healthy, loving relationships? Whatever happened to common decency? How about NOT posting naked pictures of ourselves on the internet? What exactly is wrong with covering up our private parts, and only letting our spouses see our naked bodies? And what about NOT piercing various parts of our bodies, including the nether regions, or tattooing every spare inch of skin? Or what about NOT sleeping around? How about waiting for the right person?

But no, in our stupid quest for the extreme, for the fringe, for the alternative, we have to torture our bodies by piercing and tattooing them in all sorts of stupid places, we have to somehow keep an open mind to all the trash that’s out there, we should accept abusive, disrespectful or non-standard relationships as the norm — for example, “open marriage” is probably the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard.

Well, if the immoral, the fringe and the bizarre is the new beauty, I want none of it. I’ll stick with the tried and true classics, thank you very much.


4 thoughts on “Beauty redefined?

  1. Hi Derek. I must say I’m surprised to hear from you. I read the blog post, and it helps me understand your point of view a little better, but I still say you’ve tainted yourselves by association with Suicide Girls. You probably know of the old adage: “tell me who your friends are so I can tell you who you are”. You may or may not agree with the raison d’etre of that site, but when you took their money, you got your hands dirty. You need to be more careful about your sponsors in the future.


  2. To each his own, Luke. When a woman posts naked, provocative photos of herself online, she gains the title of slut, and that’s by definition. Look it up in the dictionary. A slut is defined as lewd or saucy. Lewd, in case you didn’t know, means sexually unchaste or licentious, obscene, salacious. Given the sort of photos you take, your senses have probably dulled to the meaning of these words, and the various risque acts you witness in those clubs have probably come to seem normal to you.

    As for the tattoos or body modifications, just because they’re part of some traditions doesn’t make them okay. Permanent disfigurement of one’s God-given body is never okay. The forced removal of the clitoris in certain parts of Africa is also a body modification, but I don’t see many people happy about it, in particular the women that go through it. And I doubt those cultures that stretch their necks to the point where they wouldn’t be able to hold their heads up without those neck rings is something good, and any doctor would agree with me on that. Or what about those people that can think of nothing better than amputating their own legs? That somehow makes them feel good, but I doubt most people would say that’s good. I think a normal, balanced person is one who is happy with what they’ve already got, and isn’t interested in modifying their body with anything else but exercise.


  3. Just because you don’t appreciate beautiful women with tattoo’s doesn’t mean you should start calling them sluts. I know girls who have posed for SG’s and other such websites, and not a single one of them is a slut. Suicide Girls is a place where girls who are happy with their bodies can show them without being , which is acceptable (tribal women walk around topless why’s it so wrong to do in society today?).
    You say that the email is trying to make us believe in sleeping around and piercing random parts. Sorry but those sites have absolutely nothing to do with that. Yes there are pierced and tattooed girls, who get it done because they enjoy how it looks and feels… Many people in the world do find body modifications beautiful and it’s not just a recent thing either, it’s been happening for thousands of years. What do you think native Thai women are sick because they stretch their necks??? It’s no weirder than getting pierced or tattooed, if that’s the case you must think Maori’s are disgusting with all their tattooes and piercings?? Even if something doesn’t suit your ideals of beauty then it doesn’t mean you should start bagging it out.
    As for the sleeping around, i’m not a fan of it either… But it is in no way advocated by any of those websites. You don’t have to accept abusive relationships either, no one tells you to.


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