Funny videos

It’s Monday and I’m swamped. I’ve got a ton of photos to post-process, and various other things have piled up as well. There are a couple of reviews in the queue, plus a few condensed knowledge posts, so watch for those later. Today, you get funny videos.

I love this computer monster. If all computer “monsters” were like this, working in IT would actually be a fun job. Not to mention that this would be a great way to dispose of old hardware.

Those Japanese are at it again with Human Tetris:

A compilation of people getting frightened:

Here’s some more great Harry Enfield stuff: The Conjugal Rights Guide.

Do you enjoy the mind-numbingly ridiculous security checks at airports? Yeah, me neither. That’s why we can all relate to this “TSA-approved” video:

Darth Vader spoofs are particularly funny to me. Perhaps it has to do with the marked contrast between the movie persona and what we see here…

… and here.

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