Sports videos

I’m not really into motorsports, but I understand there’s a big Formula One race going on in Europe this weekend. I admire the capabilities of the F1 cars, and I thought I’d post a few racing-related videos. Enjoy!

The best video is up first. Ari Vatanen climbs Pike’s Peak in a Peugeot 405 T16. This is back from 1988. If you watch it, you will very likely break into a cold sweat. Ari literally speeds through hairpin turns where even the slightest miscalculation can throw him right over the edge and into the deadly precipice below.

“Top Gear” shows off one of the most exclusive cars in the world, the Ferrari Enzo:

The Dutch (I think) came up with this souped up cart that runs on a 1100CC bike engine and puts out 164 bhp. That thing looks terminally unsafe and I’d never get in it, but it does put up a good fight against a Dodge Viper:

Some spoiled brats race a Ferrari 355 against a Dodge Viper GTS through a twisty mountain road in California. What do you think happens when someone that doesn’t know how to drive rally-style gets behind the wheel of a Doge Viper? Watch and see:

A plane lands on a motorhome in this next video — it gets billed as the world’s shortest runway:

This last one is another thriller. A stunt plane comes within inches of crashing miserably as it undergoes a loopdeloop: