The right CF card reader for me

I had a really hard time finding a good Compact Flash card reader to use with my 5D ever since I purchased it this past April. I almost resigned myself to waiting half an hour to download photos from a single 2GB CF card, until I found something that works as advertised.

It wasn’t for lack of trying, either. Have a look below to see the various card readers I tried. None of them worked properly.

Various card readers

The first one I bought was the SanDisk CF PC Card Adapter. It worked with all of my CF cards, but was horribly slow. Even though it was advertised as a USB 2.0 product, the speeds I got out of it were pretty much USB 1.1.

Then there was another SanDisk product, the little silver reader you see next to the PC Card Adapter. This one was also advertised as a USB 2.0 product, but did it work? Not with all my CF cards. It only worked with the Transcend 4 GB one, but not with the 2 ATP 2GB cards (only one is pictured above). And it also didn’t yield USB 2.0 transfer speeds. It was more like USB 1.5, if there is such a thing.

I figured I’d try a different brand, so I bought the Targus pictured above. This one was advertised as USB 2.0, and supposed to read over 50 different memory cards. Again, it only worked with my Transcend card, not with my ATP cards. It yielded USB 2.0 transfer speeds when it worked, but overall, it was still unsatisfactory.

I finally bought a card reader that works with all my cards (CF and SD included), was less expensive than the Targus, is super fast, and made me happy enough to want to blog about it.

i-rocks card reader

It’s the i-rocks card reader. It makes no silly, untrue claims like the other card readers I own. It reads all the cards I need, it’s very fast, and that’s all I need to know. It also looks pretty good. If you’ve been having problems with your card readers, give the i-rocks a try. It works as advertised, and that’s more than I can say for most products out there…