Photographs for sale

My photographs (a select number of them) are now up for sale through both Alamy and the PhotoShelter Collection. Here are the links:

Alamy presents you with a search page first. To see my photos without doing a search, just click on my name. PhotoShelter presents you with the photos right away.

Of course, you can still purchase any of the photographs I post here by simply contacting me via email and indicating the photo you’d like to purchase. More info on this is available on my Photos for Sale page. But for those of you that prefer a more streamlined look and an instant price quote, Alamy and the PhotoShelter Collection should do nicely.

If you should lose the links to my sites at Alamy and PhotoShelter, don’t worry, I’ve made it easy by listing them in the sidebar. Just look for this section:

Purchase my photographs

Happy shopping and many thanks!


2 thoughts on “Photographs for sale

  1. Thanks for the clarification, Rob! I actually used that phrase because more people understand it than the phrase “photographs available for license”… 🙂 But yes, you’re right, my photos are rights-managed, not royalty-free, so in that sense, you can’t just “buy” them. Although I do intend to sell prints as well, and those, obviously, can be bought and sold. I went into more detail on this page, where I used the same terminology, but clarified it further to avoid confusion.


  2. Rob Walls says:

    Raoul…you sound like you might be a stock photography novice…so could I justcorrect you on a question of description. Use of the words, “for sale” indicate that the buyer is buying your rights in a photograph i.e. they own your picture. You are in fact (I hope) “licencing” the use of your pictures. That is, you while you continue to own the picture you are licencing the client to use that picture in an agreed way.

    Best of luck,



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