We had our first snowfall of the season yesterday, here in the DC area. We couldn’t miss the opportunity and went out to take photos.

Autumn’s few last vestiges hung precariously by their frozen stems.

The few last vestiges

Snow fell quietly upon the brook behind our building.

Bend in the river

It weighed down these oak leaves as well.

Weighty matters

The brook kept flowing, regardless. It might soon be covered in ice, but it’ll still find a way to flow underneath it all. Water always finds a way.


Snowflakes trickled down through the bare branches to the forest floor, covering its carpet of fallen leaves with a fresh coat of white powder.

Snowing in the forest

Bunches of red berries were slowly building little snow hats.

Berry cold

I love the contrast between the vibrant red of the berries and the pure white color of the snow.


My sweet Ligia, with snow in her curly hair.

My sweet


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