Updates to my Drobo review

Updated 1/14/19: I have revised my opinion of Drobo devices. After experiencing multiple, serious data loss events on multiple Drobo models, even recent ones, I no longer consider them safe for my data.

Updated 3/19/08: My review of the new Firewire Drobo is now published. I’m also glad to say that the issues outlined in my original Drobo review (and mentioned below) were resolved through firmware updates, as expected.

I’ve re-organized my Drobo review and also added two brand new updates to it, in the “Transfer speeds” and “How it sounds” sections. They’re marked with today’s date. If you’re interested in the Drobo or you already own one, you’ll want to look into this.

While my updates aren’t exactly flattering, I still think the Drobo is the best archival solution for my videos and photographs. Fortunately, the two things I pointed out can be resolved (to an extent) with firmware updates, and Data Robotics isn’t stingy with those, so relief may be coming in the near future.


4 thoughts on “Updates to my Drobo review

  1. Dave, Level 3 support at Data Robotics is aware of your issue, processing it, and they hope to come to a speedy and satisfactory resolution for all involved. Hang in there.

    As for not trusting Data Robotics or the Drobo, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve always found DR responsive, responsible and helpful, and I’ve been in contact with them since 2007. As for the Drobo, I think I’ve made my thoughts about it pretty clear through my articles. Just do a search for the word “Drobo” right here on my site and you’ll see what I mean.


  2. My drobo became read-only 2 weeks ago. 1 week ago my case with drobo support was ‘escalated’. That was the last I heard from them. Now as i search the web in frustration I see that I am not alone in having a failed unit and not alone in thinking their support department are inept.

    The bottom line is that you cannot trust this product or this company.


  3. Bob Bradford says:

    I’m not sure what happened with this guy’s drobo (not dorbo), but mine has been effortlessly chugging away for a almost year with 3 – 1TB drives in it. Backing up my iTunes and iPhoto libraries on a daily basis.
    No issues.


  4. Jim Haney says:

    Dorbo is the most useless hunk of Slobo junk I have ever used.

    I have had to replace mine twice, once because it caught on fire. The tech support is by far the worst I have ever had. They seem to make stuff up on the fly, and when you get the next tech they can’t understand why the other tech told you something like that.

    They cant even keep track of their own FedEx generated numbers…I had to track down a return shipment to them because they apparently could not find the number they generated for the package.

    If you buy this junk you are doing nothing but asking for troubles.


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