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How to get T-Mobile Total Internet at 42% off

It’s easy: sign up before 11/1/2008. Why? Because the price will apparently go up to $35/month on or around that date, according to T-Mobile Customer Service.

Updated 10/27/08: Please see this comment below for an up-to-date clarification of the planned price increases. It’s not as bad as I originally thought, but a price increase will still take effect [source].

Updated 11/24/08: It looks like the rate hike will take effect on 12/1, not 11/1. And it also looks like G1 users will have to move to the new, more expensive plans, even if they signed up before the rate hike.

T-Mobile’s current Internet/Data plan for smartphones (it’s called T-Mobile Total Internet) costs $19.99/month, and includes either EDGE or 3G speeds, depending on your area. If you live in the Washington, DC area, like me, you’re currently getting EDGE speeds, but should be upgraded automatically to 3G by the end of this year.

Starting around 11/1/2008, T-Mobile will increase the price for the plan to $35/month, probably because of the G1 smartphone they’re launching, and the extra demand that’s going to place on their networks. I’m guessing they have some infrastructure upgrades to pay for. If you get the Internet plan now (which is what I did) the price for it will stay locked at $19.99/month for as long as you’re with T-Mobile. That’s what I was told by T-Mobile Customer Service yesterday afternoon.

That means you’ll be saving $15 (42%) every single month while others are going to pay $35, and you’ll get the same speeds they’re getting.


5 thoughts on “How to get T-Mobile Total Internet at 42% off

  1. Nice reporting my friend, thank you for breaking the news! I’m glad the whole price change isn’t as bad as you originally thought.

    We couldn’t get a release date on plan changes, but T-Mobile may be keeping it quiet as they don’t want a rush of people getting data right before it changes. Either way, keep up the good work man, thanks a lot!



  2. TmoNews has posted the price increase breakdown on their site. It turns out that it’s not as bad as it sounded when I heard it from T-Mobile Customer Service.

    There will be a $35 plan, but only for those who want unlimited data and messaging, together. A $5 price increase is still planned for the unlimited data plan (which now costs $19.95), unless I’m reading their spreadsheet wrong. So this means that, at the very least, you’d be saving $5 if you get the T-Mo Internet Plan before the planned price increases go into effect around 11/1.


  3. Deke, I hope to hear more from you on the planned price increase. This thread on HowardForums confirms what I’ve written in my post, but more clarification would be welcome.


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