Energizer's new Advanced Lithium batteries

In early January, I was contacted by an ad agency on behalf of Energizer. Would I be willing to get the word out about their new Advanced Lithium batteries, as a blogger and photographer? Sure, but I’ll need to try them out first, I said. I promised I would use them in my Canon 5D’s vertical grip and in my 580EX II speedlite, and see how long they last.

Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries

Well, I just got the batteries. I picked them up at the post office a couple of days ago, and it’s time to try them out. I’ll let you know how things turn out in a little while. Just to keep things on the level, I was not paid to write about them. All I got from the agency was the batteries, as review units.

In the meantime, if you have something to say about the batteries, feel free to do it, either here on my site, or on the forum that Energizer’s already set up.


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  2. Jan Sershen says:

    I’ve had two premature failures of Energizer Advanced Lithium batteries. First, it was the four AAA’s I put in my Universal remote control. They only lasted three weeks before I got the message on the unit’s screen that the batteries were running low. I also knew they were running out of juice because I had to push the control buttons several times to send the message to the infrared units on my components. I sent Energizer an e-mail telling them of my experience and they sent me a coupon to replace them and wanted me to send the defective ones back to them, which I did.
    Today, while using my mouse and keyboard powered by AA lithium batteries that have been in them for about three weeks, I got a message on my screen that these batteries were running low. I replaced them with alkalines and they are working perfectly.
    I sent Energizer an e-mail about this problem also.
    I don’t know what’s going on here, but two failures in different equipment after three weeks use sure doesn’t make any sense.


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  4. I tend to use non-rechargables in Electronics that I don’t use that often. With most rechargables that I’m aware of they lose most of their charge over a period of days.
    My external flash for my camera falls under this category. I use it maybe a couple times a month, but I need it to work right now.
    I could see this being the same way for people who occasionally snap a photo with the kodak junker they keep in the car.
    That being said my daily use stuff like my xbox 360 controller uses a rechargeable… Unlike my wii controller…


  5. I don’t quite understand these things. Who still buys non-rechargeable batteries for use in electronics? Unless the “Advanced Lithium” are rechargeable?


    • Kenny, glad to see you on my site! Love your photos from Flickr. I still use non-rechargeable batteries, sometimes. I have a whole slew of Energizer Rechargeable batteries, too, but they have such a short shelf-life after they’re recharged, that I keep some alkalines around just in case. And I was curious, as someone who goes through a lot of batteries, how long these new Lithiums would last. Btw, you shoot Canon as well, right? Well, the ST-E2 wireless transmitter needs special Lithium batteries. I don’t know if I can even get a rechargeable battery for it.


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