Concerned about swine flu? Know who to thank for it

To all those people who are worried about swine flu — you should thank the pig farming industry for it, and the rotten politicians who keep it going the way it is, even though it’s one of the worst polluters in the US. It’s no wonder new viruses are getting cooked up in those industrial pig farms, given the conditions in which they keep the pigs.

And perhaps you should also thank your local landscaping companies, who, about this time each year, dump tons of pig offal around your communities at outrageously high prices. Along with the smell, you’re also getting a dose of swine flu, trichinella and other intestinal parasite eggs, and who knows what other poisons, cooked up nicely in fermented pig manure.


Enjoy all this, and keep in mind you’re the one financing the whole shebang when you buy pig meat and you hire landscaping companies based not on how sustainable and non-polluting their methods are, but on how tall they can make your pansies and grass grow…

Updated 5/3/09: Wired Science confirms my hunch that the pig farming industry is to blame for this virus in an article entitled “Swine Flu Ancestor Born on US Factory Farms.


3 thoughts on “Concerned about swine flu? Know who to thank for it

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    • Maybe not, but you can catch a whole host of intestinal parasites, and who knows what else, not to mention the smell. And when you use pig shit as fertilizer, you help create a market for that nasty stuff. Do you know how poisonous it is? Have you seen the pig manure lagoons near industrial pig farms? You pass out if you get within range of one of those things. The thing to do is to have nothing to do with pig products whatsoever. That way you keep yourself and the environment healthy.


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