A drive through the Carpathian Mountains in early spring

In March, we crossed the Carpathian Mountains in the county of Harghita, Romania, as we drove from the city of Bacau to Medias. The route was scenic and there were lots of beautiful places to stop and admire the view. Snow still covered the mountain peaks, and it covered the ground as well at higher altitudes. The roads got pretty bad at times, as is quite often the case in Romania, but they were fairly decent about half the time, which is something — for Romania. At any rate, the places we saw are among the more beautiful in the country.

I recorded a short video clip as we drove through the high peaks of the Harghita Mountains, and stopped in various places to take photographs. The video clip is embedded below. If you’re reading this on my feed and it doesn’t show up, then you can see it in my Video Log set.

Pin the tree on the mountain slope

The white line you see at the top of the abrupt mountain slope above isn’t a lens aberration. It’s snow. It covers the other side of the mountain. The visible slope is too abrupt and windswept for the snow to keep, so all that’s left is some dry brush and a few trees.

High altitude

Here we begin to approach the tops of the peaks, and snow is more abundant.

Zig zag patterns

The road hugs the mountain side closely as it curves upward. I love the wooden fence alongside the road, it’s so well suited to the place.

Lonely at the top

A small mountain cabin holds onto the top. It leans to the left, either because of the settling of its foundation over the time, or because of the strong winds at that altitude.

This is the road where I recorded the video clip you see below.

Iron ore

This mountain brook wound its way through a conifer forest. I think its color is either given by the mud in that region, or by iron ore deposits in the brook bed.

Here’s the video clip, recorded from our car, while driving.

See this video at YouTube or SmugMug.

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  1. Thanks Julie! I know I said this last year, and even the year before that, when people asked me, but I truly hope that this year I’ll have more time to go through my photo library, process, and publish more of the photos I’ve taken. I have so much in my “to do” folder, and I only need to find the time.


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