Would you like to give life to someone?

My wife’s cousin (her name is Estera, or Esther in English), has suffered from the effects of Hepatitis C, and is in Stage III-IV of the disease, which means her liver is pretty much shot to pieces. Doctors say she’s got to get a liver transplant this month or next month, or it’ll be too late to do an operation. You can see her and her two daughters in this photo. Estera is the third from the left, on the couch, next to her husband, Adrian.

Estera has already placed herself on a liver transplant list long ago, and has waited patiently, but time is running out. Her blood type is also rare (O1), and that makes it doubly hard to find a donor.

As you may know, the liver regenerates itself, so whatever bit you give will grow back. The bit the doctors transplant into her will, in time, and if everything goes according to plan, grow into a full-size liver. You’ll end up with an incision above your liver and the priceless knowledge that you helped a mother see her daughters grow up.

If you or someone you know is interested in doing this, please get in touch with Adrian, Estera’s husband, at adydrobota@yahoo.com. Since Estera lives in Romania, we’re looking for someone who lives in Romania or at least in Europe, so it’ll be easier for them to travel to her, but we’re not going to turn away any willing donor.

If you’re Romanian, make sure to read this post on my wife’s blog as well.

Thank you.