The HexaKopter Micro Copter

Holger Buss and Ingo Busker are two Germans who have created an online community for micro copter fans in late 2006, called, appropriately enough, MikroKopter. Since then, they’ve come up with several micro copter designs, the plans for which they share freely on their site. One of their latest designs is the HexaKopter — an RC mini-helicopter with six propellers.

It is an amazing design, and the thing is incredibly nimble in the air, as you can see in the test flight video. The weight of the helicopter is 1,200 grams, and its max rated payload is 1,000 grams. In the test video, they loaded it with 1,300 grams (a digital camera used to film flight footage, and a 1 liter bottle of soda), and it did just fine. Flight time is up to 30 minutes with a small payload.

You can probably get some amazing aerial photographs and video with the HexaKopter. What can I say, I love German engineering! Kudos to Holger and Ingo!


4 thoughts on “The HexaKopter Micro Copter

    • Rohan, I didn’t make the Hexakopter, I only wrote about it. You should have read my post more carefully…


  1. Tapojit Saha says:

    Hello sir, that is a very great piece of creation. I am an Indian student of engineering. As being an Indian i am sad to notify you the circumstances over here, is not like your country. Like the apparatus, parts etc are not that much available. I have a project to make a robo-helicopter. If you kindly help me by sending me the list of necessary parts and circuit diagrams of the hexacoptor, I would be highly thankful to you. Thanking you, Tapojit Saha.


    • Tapojit, I simply wrote about the Hexakopter. I don’t have its plans. Please contact the Hexakopter Forums, there are several of them online. You should be able to find plans there. Good luck.


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