Hardware review: the duraSync cable for iPad, iPod and iPhone

I’ve been using the duraSync charge and sync cable for the past few months, and I love it. It’s a durable, solidly-made, premium cable that replaces the stock sync cable which ships with your iPad, iPod or iPhone, and it’s made by CableJive, the same company that makes the SoundDock and iStubz cables.

The cable is really sturdy, and it’s made to last. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so if anything should ever go wrong with it, you can send it back to CableJive for a replacement.

It has a stiff rubber outer shell and an impact-resistant plastic core. The dock connectors will withstand crushing, banging, dropping and being stepped on, even driven over with a car. The cable itself is made of durable wire, with heavy-duty shielding and a clear coating. It will withstand pulling, jerking and being run over.

The cable works with all iPad, iPod and iPhone models that use the standard sync cable. (The iPod Shuffle is out, since it uses the headphone connector for charging and syncing.)

I made a detailed video review of the duraSync, where I show you in macro mode how the cable is put together and what it looks like up-close, and I compare it with the standard sync cable from Apple.

The folks from CableJive also put together their own durability test video for this cable, where they do pretty much everything that can be done to it, and the thing still works afterward.

You can buy the duraSync cable for $18.95, directly from CableJive, and that’s less than the $19 price for the standard sync cable from Apple.

Images used courtesy of CableJive.