Dobrogea, Romania

The province of Dobrogea is quite different from anything else you might see in Romania.

To the North, you’ll find the delta of the Danube River, the biggest and best-conserved European delta.

To the West and South, you’ll see wide, mostly flat fields, ideally suited for agriculture and for aeolian power.

To the East, there is the Black Sea itself, with its wonderful beaches, lagoons and lakes.

And where you least expect them in this mostly flat landscape, you’ll find canyons and beautiful rolling hills — even ancient mountains like Muntii Macinului.

The people of Dobrogea are of many nationalities. Being at the crossroads between Europe and the East, quite a lot of them passed through this province through the years, some as travelers, some as invaders, and some as colonizers. The ancient city of Histria, for example, was a Greek colony, along with Tomis, which is now Constanta and one of the largest cities in Romania. So, the people are Romanians, Aromanians, Turks, Tartars, Lipovans, Greeks, Macedonians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and others.

Dobrogea extends beyond Romania’s borders, into Bulgaria. In Romania, it is made up of the territories of the counties of Tulcea and Constanta. In Bulgaria, it includes the territories of the regions of Dobrici and Silistra. I traveled quite a bit through Dobrogea last year, and the photos you see in this post are the results of my travels. I hope you enjoy them.

You can see more photos like these in my Dobrogea gallery. Also make sure to look at my photos from Constanta, TulceaCogealac and Histria, which are all situated in the province of Dobrogea.

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2 thoughts on “Dobrogea, Romania

  1. Tudor says:

    Hi, your pictures show a very beautiful Romania, only if it would be like that in reality, i live there and it’s true that it has some beautiful landscapes but trust me, it’t not very great to live here!

    Off-topic i also have a Mac 🙂


    • Tudor, you can choose to see the beauty of a place, or you can choose to focus on the things that draw away from its beauty. There’s certainly a lot of crap in Romania to draw one’s attention away from its beauty, but that beauty is there nonetheless. Your choice.


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