Autumn in the hills outside Medias

We took a walk today on one of the hills outside Medias, possibly one of the tallest near the city, covered by a beautiful mixed beech forest. A thin layer of frost and a bitter cold lay over the city in the early hours of the morning, but thankfully, by lunchtime, with the friendly help of the sun, things warmed up enough to make it pleasant to venture outside.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in the hills outside Medias

  1. pebblesse says:

    You take wonderful pictures! And you have a lovely site!

    I am new at WordPress – and I am trying to create a Photo Gallery – something like yours. I really can’t find out how to do.
    You’re welcome to visit my site – it is all in Swedish though… and mostly about me and my dogs and the training and competition with them.

    Can you please explain to me how you did? In very simple terms… as there are more clever homepagers in this world, than me… But if not trying, I will never learn.

    Hope I will hear from you!
    Have a lovely autumn – with a lot of splendid views to capture!



    • Thank you! I’m not sure what you mean by a photo gallery. If you’re referring to inserting images into a WordPress post and having them show up as a gallery, then this is how it’s done. If you’re referring to my many image galleries posted to my photo catalog, then you’ll need a SmugMug account for that. Hope this helps!


      • pebblesse says:

        That was quick!! -:)
        Well, I have managed to upload some of my images – but as I take them continously, and on various things&happenings – I need to catalogue them i some way.
        I thought that clicking the word Galleri in the header, I arrive to the Gallery-page.
        In this page, I would like to be able to add each album separately, naming them with a name and a date, and this name should be clicked to enter each album. Maybe something like my friend – Click Galleri – and you will arrive to next page, and each album is click-able.
        (as photo-interested, you might be interested in her captures – especially the ones with Andalusian horses…)

        But anyway – do you think this kind of Album-Gallery would be possible in WordPress?

        thanks for your concern!


        • I don’t think it’s currently possible in WP the way you want it to work. If you knew a programmer, you might be able to get him/her to write code on a custom page that would sort of work this way, but I think your best bet (if you’re not knowledgeable in programming) is to get a Flickr or SmugMug account, post your photos there (in sets or galleries, respectively), and put a link to your account in your site header. Easy for you and easy for your site visitors.


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