Ted, a dog at 25

Ted is a dog of 25+ years who belongs to my wife’s mother. He’s been a guard dog all his life. I first knew Ted in 2003, when I first visited my wife’s home. Outwardly, he’s looked the same since then, the way you see him in these photos, so I had no idea he was this old. He was always on duty, guarding their property, barking at everyone who approached the gate, including me. It took him a few years to get used to me, and to obey me when I asked him to stop barking. Now, he just sits in his dog house and no longer barks.

His vision is likely gone. We think he has cataracts. If you look at these photos, you’ll see his eyes are cloudy. He still hears well though, but doesn’t react when people approach him, which isn’t like him. It’s quite possible that with his advanced age, he’s getting ready to leave this world, so I thought I’d take a few photos to remember him. He’ll be missed, the old grouch…

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2 thoughts on “Ted, a dog at 25

  1. That is one truly beautiful dog, especially for his age. Really, first time I’ve ever heard of a dog reaching 25…. I’ve heard or a few cats reaching over 20, but never a dog..
    16 is the normal maximum for dogs and 13 for cats, isn’t it ?


    • Don’t know. I think cats are supposed to live longer than dogs. This website says cats are supposed to live up to 32 years, and dogs up to 26 years, but that generally speaking, their lifetimes are only half that these days. So 25 years is very long for a dog, yes.


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