Cat goes missing in Colorado, found five years later in New York City

Photo of Willow courtesy of Popular Science

Amazing Cat Goes Missing in Colorado, Found Five Years Later in New York City, Alive and Well | Popular Science

The Pop Sci blog has published a story on Willow, a very lucky calico kitty who went missing in Colorado and was found, five years later, on the streets of Manhattan. When taken to a shelter, she was ID’d thanks to an embedded microchip and reunited with her owners. If only Willow could talk, what a yarn that would be!

This gives me hope that our own missing tomcat, our beloved Felix, will come back home someday. He disappeared in November of last year, during one of his mating trips. We were accustomed to his going MIA from time to time, but he always came back. We keep hoping against hope that he hasn’t died. The chances are slim, but Willow’s case is encouraging.


2 thoughts on “Cat goes missing in Colorado, found five years later in New York City

  1. Larry Hirschhorn says:

    Maybe your cat will show up. I’ve got a story about two of my cats. I gave one of my cats away to some people about 8 blocks away in Brooklyn because I could not keep her anymore. She went missing the next day. 3 weeks later she showed up crying at my back window. This is a cat that when she had one of her litters she decided to crawl under my covers in the middle of the night and have it between my legs. It was quite surprising and strange waking up to that. At the time I gave her away I had 6 cats and they were all allowed out, so I guess that helped her. All of them used to go out except 1, but he would go out ‘to the rescue’ if he heard one of our cats crying in trouble. He went missing the day I moved to a new apartment but showed up 3 days later at my window. I think that if they don’t get into trouble, some of them have an amazing homing ability.


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