A snowy evening walk in Medias

Ligia and I went on a refreshing evening walk with friends last night, during a wonderful snowfall which lasted through the night and covered everything in about a foot of snow by morning. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and of course I took photos, lots of them.

This is the center of the town, the place that gets the largest amount of attention from tourists: the Church of St. Margaret, whose clocktower is clearly visible here, and the wonderful S. L. Roth high school, whose lovely architecture has thankfully been preserved through the years of the communist regime.

This is the historic Cafe-Bar building, which over the years has hosted various establishments, some more questionable than others. I have yet to see it return to its normal purpose, where it regularly serves cafes and other beverages throughout the year, like it used to do when I was a little boy. I’d also love to see the building properly restored.

We’re now in King Ferdinand Plaza, which used to be the main marketplace for the town. It didn’t have park in its center (you can see the park in this post). Instead, it was paved with cobblestones and in the town’s early ears, a creek ran through it. Merchants and farmers would lay out their wares during all days of the year, and people would walk through, making their daily purchases.

I’m really glad to see this building renovated. It used to be the cloisters for a monastery, if I’m not mistaken. For years and years it sat vacant and dilapidated, its upper floors crumbling, with only a few shops located on its lower level. Last year, they began renovating it and I found out that it’s going to be a Montessori school, by general accounts the biggest such school in Romania. Kudos to the enterprising people who made this happen!

I’d love to see this building renovated as well. Its architecture is wonderful.

Here’s another look at the high school.