An idyllic Winter

We’re getting clear signs that winter’s winding down, but it’s not going away without a fight. Where we live these days (Romania), meteorology reports say one more snowstorm is headed our way today, accompanied by strong winds (up to 60 km/h).

If only all winter days would look like they do in these photos, I wouldn’t mind all the various other things that make living in winter a chore… If only winter would live up to its unwritten contract between us and it, and deliver a white Christmas and a snowtastic New Year, every year, I think we’d all be happy, right?

The snowfall in question here started in the evening, with thick, fluffy flakes that started to fall down faster and faster, piling on all trees, as you see above and below.

By morning, our surroundings looked like this.

Because we lived in DC at the time, that meant that by the 2nd or 3rd day after the snowfall, the snow was gone. Winter isn’t winter without snow, gosh darn it… I’m thinking of taking up a list of signatures and sending a petition to Old Man Winter about this very thing. Anyone else want to sign on? 😉


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