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My bed frame comes to life in Latvia

Armands Podoļskis, a reader from Latvia who saw my bed frame article and watched the videos where I showed how I made it, wrote to me recently:

I would like to thank you very much for your videos of how to make bed frame. They were very useful. I used them to make bed myself. I’m from Latvia, EU country. This is great that you can share something valuable and others can use it in the other side of the world 🙂

You’re welcome Armands, I’m glad I could help!

With his permission, here are a couple of photos of his bed frame.

If you’d like to make a bed like this one, feel free to do so. Read through my original article and watch the two videos I posted in it as well. (Just don’t ask me for the plans and exact dimensions of every part, because I lost them during some renovation work.) It’s easy, inexpensive, a lot of fun and you’ll end up with a very sturdy bed!


One thought on “My bed frame comes to life in Latvia

  1. kelogs says:

    uhm, nice unvarnished bed!
    yo, teach us how to insulate our houses. On the inside 🙂


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