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Do you know Dieter Rams?

Dieter Rams (Image source: Wikipedia)

Here is Dieter Rams, one of the giants of industrial design.

I love the man’s approach to design and his clear avoidance of planned obsolescence. He is a great example of standing for something that you believe in and then changing the world because of your stance. Wonderful.

You may also want to read through his speech on design, given in 1976, the year I was born.


2 thoughts on “Do you know Dieter Rams?

  1. kelogs says:

    this is the early German view of capitalism, which unfortunately has succumbed, making way for the American way 😦 Vitsoe talks big, however I loathe thinking about their success rate. They are just one small fish in the pond! What are they building ? furniture ? great! but they have to take the half polished wooden materials from somewhere.. and that somewhere would be an American type of company :((


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