It was touch and go for a while this year, wasn’t it? We weren’t sure when Old Man Winter would go and Spring would finally be here to stay. I think we’re pretty safe now that the first blossoms are starting to come in.

Our apricot tree is in full bloom. The sweet cherry tree is also starting to blossom. No sign yet on the sour cherry trees. And of course the spring flowers are out, as you’ll see in the photos from our garden.



Spring is here!


3 thoughts on “Spring is here!

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  2. Your spring is faster than ours here in Hokkaido, Japan. Those are very beautiful pictures of spring flowers and tree blossoms. I took a look at some of the other posts here. The custom made suits article is inteesting. When I accepted a position as an AET (assistant English teacher) with the board of education, I had to get a suit fast for junior high school instruction. Needless to say, the Japanese off-the-rack suits didn’t fit my 190 cm and 82 kilo body. My mother-in-law sprung in with some financial generosity and we had two suits made at about $900-$1000 each (the yen-dollar exchange rates have been all over the place). They looked great for about a year until I developed a nagging sinus infection that lasted for three months during which I had a persistent fever. I lost 8 kilos and they stayed off after the infection finally disappeared. The suits now hang a bit baggy on me in the neck and shoulders, so I don’t wear them during class. The pants were also baggy, but now fit well. I guess that tells you what my 54 year old body is doing! On the topic of physical fitness, I too think it is a shame to let myself go to seed. The Japanese cuisine is much healthier than the American one, of course, so it is easier to maintain one’s weight. My fitness level is poor, however. I find my body doesn’t improve with push-ups or sit-ups. I just get fatigued and my joints and muscles ache. Going on long walks of about 5 kilometers is more my style. I try to get in one or two a week. My daily routine is to walk to work and use the stairs to my fifth floor office. That means going up and down at least 4 times a day. But that midriff bulge just won’t go away! Keep those pictures of your family and Dumbraveni/Romania coming. They put a big smile on my face.


    • Stuart, the thing to do is to adjust those coats so they fit you properly. My suggestion is to go back to the tailor shop where you had them made and get them properly fitted to your new frame. Another suggestion is for you to read JJ Virgin’s book, “The Virgin Diet”, it should shed some light on why you can’t get rid of your paunch and why you have so much inflammation in your body. Good luck!


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