The Manor at Malancrav

Funny name, beautiful place. Even in Romanian, the name makes no sense, but we sure enjoyed our visit to the manor at Mălâncrav. It’s located in Sibiu County and it was one of the houses of the Apafi Family, which was one of the most important aristocratic families during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The domain was restored in the early 2000s by the Mihai Eminescu Trust with funding from The Packard Humanities Institute in California and inaugurated on October 1st, 2007.

We decided to drive there one weekend, on a whim. I used my iPhone to take the photos you see here. We were free to roam the domain as we wished, which we did, taking care not to disturb anything.

We loved the manor, the atmosphere of the place, the look of the fortified church next door, and the peaceful chestnut grove across the garden from the house. It’s an idyllic setting and if we’d have known about it years ago, we might have bought it.


One thought on “The Manor at Malancrav

  1. Thanks for the nice photos. I have never been to Malancrav. Some of the photos show water damage creeping up the outside wall of the palace. One sees this often on the old stone houses whenever the outside plaster goes all the way down to the ground. In Prod, we just left the bottom of the rectory building bare with no plaster cover. That way there was no plaster the water could slowly climb up. I guess a bare stone wall around the bottom would be too unsightly for a palace.


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