Now that August is almost here and summer flowers will soon go dormant, I thought I’d show you the beauty we’ve been enjoying during the last couple of months. There are 49 photos in this post; I hope you’ll take the time to see each one. Should you love the fruits and flowers — and I think you will — my wife is the one who gets the credit, she pampers them every day. Enjoy!


Summertime in our garden


3 thoughts on “Summertime in our garden

  1. Hey, I stumble on your blog when I want to upgrade my themes. Your blog is amazing! I’m a fan! Could you tell me what plugins you are using for this photo gallery? I’m still trying to figure out what kind of gallery that fits my style. Thank you.


    • This is the tiled photo gallery offered by WordPress on all its blogs hosted at, or available through the JetPack plugin on self-hosted installs of WP.


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