Fun with technology

I’ve had multiple Drobo units since 2007. To this day, I still enjoy adding a hard drive to a Drobo. It’s one of those things that can be an ordeal on other tech, but on a Drobo, it’s been made fun through proper planning and design.

It lets you that it’s low on space, you order a drive, and when it comes, you look at the app, which tells you exactly what size-drive is in each bay. Pressing a small lever on the side of the bay releases the drive, which slides out. You put the new one in, the Drobo immediately checks it and formats it, then begins striping the data set across it. By the way, that’s a screen shot showing my Drobo 5D.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.48.30.png

I love this process. It’s so simple and so fun! The Drobo doesn’t care what hard drive you buy, as long as it’s larger than what you already had. It allows you to grow the capacity of your Drobo in time, as the prices for newer, bigger hard drives decrease, without any sort of headaches. This is technology done right.


2 thoughts on “Fun with technology

  1. William Oglesby says:

    I agree about the simplicity of Drobo. I have four at the moment, and about a dozen since they first appeared.


    • A dozen? And I thought I’d cycled through a few… Don’t you just love how the newer versions can scale up to 64TB? What’s the typical life expectancy of one of your Drobos? Mine are at 3-5 years. Would love for them to last longer.


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