The theme is the arrival of spring while reminding you of winter. If my schedule allows I’ll publish a separate post with photos from one of these late winter/early spring snowfalls which I love so much. For now, enjoy these photographs!

I’d also appreciate your feedback on whether or not I should set up a proper photo catalog at Picfair. Here’s the one I’ve set up for now, which I’ve maxed out at 50 photographs (that’s all they allow with their free plan). If some of you plan to purchase licenses for commercial uses of my photographs or want an easy way to order prints, I’ll go ahead and upgrade to their paid plan, which will let me put up tens of thousands of my images for sale, but I’d rather not go to the effort and the expense if it’s not going to be used, so let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve decided to increase the number of photographs per each one of these posts from 10 to 20.


Today’s images