What are your sources of information?

It is vitally important that you use your powers of discernment these days and that you get your information from truthful sources. It is a period in our history when an incredible amount of manipulation and distortion of the truth is being used in order to control what people think and how they behave.

As promised in the video, here are links to the sources I talked about:

Good information, but beware of disinformation that has crept in among the accurate information:

Released 03-04-2021
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2 thoughts on “What are your sources of information?

  1. Loved the Bass Sucks article. I have been tormented by a neighbor 500′ away through wooded forest from where I live. The bass penetrates my log home and is very disturbing even in the winter with the windows closed. This is a fairly recent change which ruins the peaceful enjoyment of my property. When I approached the guy about rattling my cage, he responded that there is no noise ordinance in town so get over it. He’s right about no ordinance and I guess I have to get over the fact that respect for one’s neighbor is a thing of the past. I am resigned to accept what I cannot change knowing he will be deaf by the time he’s my age.

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    • Don’t tolerate it. Build a small EMP device, there are plans readily available, and go put his stereo out of commission. Or sue him, any lawyer worth his salt can build a case against him.

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