Some of the best pizza in Venice, Italy

I mentioned this place back in April, in my two-part article about Venice, but I wanted to tell you about it in more detail. It’s called Al Ponte di Rialto Self Service. It’s an unassuming name for an unassuming edifice, but don’t let its looks fool you. It’s some of the best pizza in Venice, Italy, and for us, some of the best pizza we’ve had in Italy. The prices are modest, which means you can eat yourself full without breaking your budget, then head out for a day of sightseeing.

On a related note, want to know what to avoid in Venice? Avoid pricy restaurants, particularly the one next to this cathedral, with a view over the laguna to one of the neighboring islands.

I’d tell you its name, but I forgot to write it down, and it’s also possible I’m blocking it. My wife and I got a mild case of food poisoning after eating a pizza there. Sure, we felt like kings sitting on a table overlooking the laguna, on a sunny and breezy late-winter day, but our stomachs told us otherwise afterward. And when you’re unfortunate enough to get food poisoning as you’re crossing the laguna on a boat, it can get mighty rough.

This was the pizza that made us sick.

So, keep this in mind while in Venice: avoid pricy restaurants with incredible views, and go for the unassuming places with clean kitchens and delicious food, like the Al Ponte di Rialto Self Service.


One way to get food poisoning

I held off writing about this because I couldn’t even look at photos of the stuff that gave me food poisoning and kept me in bed and feeling miserable for two days, but the embargo is finally lifted. Here’s the culprit behind a nasty bout of food poisoning back in January: 7 Days Bake Rolls.

7 Days Bake Rolls - Pizza Flavor

The company that makes these things stuffs them full of chemicals and preservatives and flavors to make the taste hard to resist. I ate about three quarters of a bag one evening, as we were watching a movie. Then, during the night and early morning, the “fun” began. A general feeling of malaise grew until I hugged the porcelain throne and went through several private and painful “confessions” that purged the “sins” out of me. I was weak, could barely get out of bed, and if I ate anything I only hurled more. Even though I could move around and eat smaller portions for the rest of the week, I was still sick and couldn’t do what I needed.

I don’t know what in the world they put in those things, whether it was a bad batch, or whether I’d have the same reaction if I ate any more, but I do know one thing. I never want to see or touch them or smell them again. It’ll turn my stomach inside out. It’s one bad product, which exemplifies what I wrote recently about packaged foods versus fresh foods. The next time I want some toasted bread, I’ll make it myself, without preservatives and other artificial crap.