A Squirrel on Our Balcony

Back when we lived in DC, squirrels used to come onto our balcony all the time. Our building was in a park and it was full of them. When you think squirrels you normally think “Oh, how cute!” but I’d beg to differ. They were cute from a distance. When they dug in your flowerpots and sometimes overturned them, or they investigated anything and everything on your balcony, spilling the contents of whatever they found, they were no longer cute. And they were vicious little critters, too. When cornered they made these really, really nasty sounds and were ready to claw and bite you. So yeah, not so cute.

Now that I’ve ruined squirrels for you, enjoy this video I shot of one of them being cute on our balcony (after it knocked over some flower seeds and started eating them).

Adorable, aren’t they? 😉


I guess black squirrels really are more aggressive

First I noticed more black squirrels in our neighborhood. Then I read this article in the Daily Mail, which says they’re more aggressive and thus compete better for food. Then I saw this, a brawl between a black squirrel and a grey squirrel, during a walk on Beach Drive.

A black squirrel and grey squirrel fight for food

The black squirrel attacked the grey squirrel repeatedly, in spite of the fact that the grey squirrel held its ground. It just couldn’t accept defeat, and came back time after time after time. I counted 6 attacks, then they noticed me and paused until I left.

Granted, this isn’t a study, just a single empirical observation, but it confirms existing research, and it is valid.

While I’m on the subject of squirrels, what’s going on with the fur of this squirrel in downtown DC? I made a triptych of the same animal, but there were three of them with the same coat color, in the same meadow, at the time. Their fur looks like it’s bleached. Or is it their winter coat? It’s out of the ordinary for me, so I hope someone can clear things up.