A 1970s Tressa Automatic Watch

A 1970s Tressa Automatic Watch

This is a 1970s Tressa Automatic wristwatch with an Incabloc 25 jewel movement and date function, serial number 81272. I purchased it in the autumn of 2016 and had it fully serviced by my watchmaker. This watch keeps incredibly accurate time and is very sturdy, in spite of its currently low market price. It has [...]

A 1950s MuDu Doublematic Watch

A 1950s MuDu Doublematic Watch

This is a 1950-60s (more likely 1950s) MuDu wristwatch with a 25 jewel Doublematic movement. It has a fairly unique metal mesh band that clasps securely around the wrist. It was gold-plated but most of that has worn off. I've had it cleaned, serviced and polished and it looks pretty good now. I've also had [...]

A 1950s Elton Automatic Watch

A 1950s Elton Automatic Watch

This is a 1950s Elton Automatic wristwatch with a 25 jewel Autorotor movement. I purchased it in the winter of 2017. It has a matching metal band and gold plating that has pretty much worn off. It's a watch that's been worn a lot, both by its previous owner and by me, because it's quite [...]

A 1930s Bulova L4 Watch

A 1930s Bulova L4 Watch

This is a late 1920s or 1930s Bulova L4 wristwatch with a 21 jewel movement. I purchased it in the spring of 2017. Serial number is 7351974. It has a matching metal band and a 10K gold-filled case that opens quite easily and is not watertight. It required some cleaning and service, and was also [...]

A 1960s Guda-Matic Watch

A 1960s Guda-Matic Watch

This 1960s Guda-Matic watch with a distinctive dial design has a 30 jewel Omega 1481 automatic movement and a date function. The movement needed to be serviced, nothing too wrong with it, but the rotor wouldn't charge the watch properly and it would stop while it was being worn. Now it seems to work okay. [...]